VoIP or Voice Over IP is a modern and flexible way of saving on your phone bill!

Voice over IP uses the power of the internet to keep you connected. Features include:

  • Up to 50 extensions
  • Unlimited FREE calls between your extensions
  • Online account management and billing
  • Inbound calls can utilize hunt groups for flexible call routing
  • Follow-me settings
  • Voicemail messages stored on phone or sent by email
  • Customizable IVR: auto attend, call routing, call queuing
  • Remote extensions for seemless home working
  • Multi site connectivity

Many different devices can be used to connect to our VoIP network, including:

  • A VoIP phone on your desk
  • VoIP software installed on your PC (a "softphone")
  • Any SIP-capable mobile app ("dialer")

The VoIP service is available from virtually anywhere in the World. As long as you have an internet connection, it will work, without any kind of configuration or changes. Take it with you when you travel. Use it in a hotel, on a train or on the road.

Please note that VoIP is banned from certain countries (for example UAE). It may not be possible to use our VoIP service from those countries for legal reasons.

To check our standard rates for this service, please visit our online rates viewer

If you are a reseller interested in providing this service to your customers, please see our reseller section